About Thuringia

Thuringia – located in the very heart of Germany. The free state distinguishes itself with its unique location, making it possible to easily access important economic centres within Europe. Being a vital industrial, service and R&D site, Thuringia embraces the European centre for optics, photonics and sensor technology. A wide range of innovative technologies and strong companies can be found throughout all industries – big names such as Daimler, Continental, Jenoptik, Zeiss, Bosch and CATL indeed shape the economic environment of the state. As an important location in the area of mechanical engineering, automation technology and medical engineering, Thuringia provides excellent conditions for entrepreneurial growth and economic success.

  1. Central location within Europe
  2. Excellent market access
  3. State-of-the art infrastructure
  4. Top-class R&D facilities

Reasons for Thuringia

Due to its central location and its ideal conditions for setting up businesses, Thuringia is the perfect site in one of the biggest markets worldwide that also boasts one of the highest purchasing powers. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, all major German cities can be reached in less than five hours. More than 40 renowned R&D facilities and 13 universities are available as reliable partners for the local economy. Europe’s biggest EV battery plant is currently under construction right at the gates of Erfurt, while ZEISS – a global leader in optics – is heavily expanding its founding site in Jena. Astonishing natural scenery and a family-friendly environment make Thuringia an attractive place to work and live.


Success Story

The Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL), one of the leading EV battery manufacturers in the world, is currently building its first plant outside China at a 70 ha area near Arnstadt (Thuringia). By 2024, CATL will invest about EUR 1.8 billion and create up to 2000 jobs. Initially running at an annual capacity of 14 gigawatt-hours, the plant will focus its activities on automated and intelligent battery production. Thuringia’s central location, its outstanding infrastructure, first-class investor service programs, the availability of highly qualified specialists and its state-of-the-art R&D capacities – were among the trump cards which convinced CATL and tipped the balance in the tough worldwide competition between regions.


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The State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen) is happy to acquaint you with the many advantages Thuringia has to offer as a business location. We provide full-service support for any investment project – from the initial site search to project implementation and future expansions.


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