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Briefing Digital Economy

Learn more about your opportunities and the future of AI, Smart Cities and digital infrastructure in Germany. Download our latest insights on public and private funding for established technologies and innovative ideas, along with updates on the digital economy in Germany!

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Economic Overview Germany

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Infographic Investments in Germany

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Fact Sheet: The Aerospace Industry in Germany

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Fact sheet: Future Mobility in Germany

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Industrie du bâtiment

Fact Sheet: Construction and Green Building in Germany

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Industrie chimique

Industry Overview: The Chemical Industry in Germany

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Fact Sheet: Chemical Parks in Germany

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Steeled for Competition

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Industries de consommation

Industry Overview: The Food & Beverage Industry in Germany

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Services d’entreprise

Fact Sheet: Business Services in Germany

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Électronique & microtechnologie

Microsystems Technology in Germany 2018

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Industry Overview: The Electronics and Microtechnology Industry in Germany

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Fact Sheet: Microelectronics in Germany

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Fact Sheet: Photonics in Germany

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Fact sheet – The energy storage market in Germany

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Fact sheet – Construction and green building in Germany

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Markets – Vive la e-volution

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Technologies environnementales

Briefing Green Tech

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Infographic Green tech in Germany

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Fact sheet – Environmental technologies in Germany

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The fight against climate change as an opportunity in Germany?

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Fact sheet - FinTech in Germany

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Presentation – Germany Finance

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Fact sheet – The German software and cybersecurity market

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Fact sheet – Digital economy

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Fact sheet – Industry 4.0

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Fact sheet ICT – Industry clusters in Eastern Germany

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Germany – Excellence in big data

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Sciences de la vie

Fact sheet – Biotechnology clusters in Germany

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Industry overview – The pharmaceutical industry in Germany

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Fact sheet – The mobile health market in Germany

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Industry overview – The medical technology industry in Germany

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Fact sheet – Medical technology clusters in Germany

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The World Bank's Logistics Performance Index 2018

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Machines et équipements

Industry overview – The machinery and equipment industry in Germany

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Mechanical engineering – Industry clusters in Eastern Germany

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Fact sheet – The robotics and automation industry in Germany

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