About Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein may be Germany’s northernmost state but it’s still in the middle of Europe. With unique access to both the North and Baltic seas, it’s a transport hub to Scandinavia as well as the Baltic region. And it offers swift access to German and global markets via cosmopolitan Hamburg next door. Schleswig-Holstein is home to successful small- and mid-sized companies. The state has a strong innovation drive and a high quality of life. Key future-oriented industries include: Foods, renewable energies, medical technology and health care, I&K, logistics, maritime business, engineering and tourism.

  1. Perfect location near customers and suppliers
  2. Active science location = strong innovation potential, exceptionally qualified workforce
  3. Low corporate taxes, low real estate prices for purchase and rent
  4. Perfect work-life balance between two seas

Reasons for Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein has exceptional transport infrastructure, including the A7 and A1 highways. And the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link tunnel will create an additional connection to Scandinavia. Schleswig-Holstein has led the country in the expansion of fiber optic and, by 2025, fiber optic will be available state-wide. The state has plenty of innovation potential in areas such as hydrogen and battery cell research and offers access to a skilled workforce for key industries and forward-looking topics such as hydrogen, artificial intelligence and digitalization. Low corporate taxes and comparatively low real estate prices make the area attractive. Clear air, endless horizons and breath-taking nature offer a high quality of life as well as an infinite number of leisure activities.

Made in Lübeck: Exceptional performance – thanks to unique production

KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality machinery, better known as extruders, for the production of thermoplastic molded parts, as well as laboratory systems for spinning synthetic fibers and non-wovens. KMD was founded in 2011 in Dusseldorf with an R&D department but no production. The headquarters was moved to Lübeck in 2019 and production was added. WTSH helped KMD an appropriate production site and supported the creation of a company that researches, develops and produces and is truly based in the north. Owner Kellen Duan was also able to realize a dream of living and working next to the ocean.


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