About Saarland

Bordering France and Luxembourg, Germany’s Saarland is an important industrial and logistics centre at the heart of Europe’s most successful economies. Those who concentrate on production will find optimal conditions, reliable partners and efficient support. Saarland’s automotive sector, for example, is Germany’s third strongest. Considering that the state – with one million inhabitants – is one of the smallest, this speaks volumes for the quality of the location and its workforce.


R & D, the service industry and the IT sector are equally strong. All major German research associations have established institutes in Saarland. The state is a top research spot for AI, cybersecurity, speech control, human machine interface and autonomous driving.

  1. the French and German market at its doorstep
  2. a skilled, versatile workforce
  3. a strong research landscape and intelligent and talented employees
  4. a full-service support for investors

Reasons for Saarland

Due to its size and diversity, Saarland is perfect for business. Industrial heritage and top-level research create unique opportunities. Production, engineering, services and AI – the state can offer it all.

Saarland is proud of its versatility and equally welcomes industrial enterprises, service providers and R & D companies. The state’s economic promotion corporation gwSaar is a strong partner that can support investors throughout the entire relocation process – from locational information to fully developed industrial sites or turnkey commercial buildings.

Saarland is the economic and cultural bridge between Germany and France. In addition to serving these two strong EU markets at once, investors can also recruit from both labour markets.

Success story

From production to R & D – Germany’s Saarland offers optimal conditions 


For the German kitchen producer Nobilia, Saarland was the ideal location because of its proximity to France. Its site at Lisdorfer Berg, one of the largest industrial areas in south-west Germany, is ideally connected to the French and German motorway network and it can recruit its more than 1,000 employees in both countries.    


For the Helmholtz Association, Saarland’s strong IT research landscape was crucial for the decision to establish its Center for Information Security (CISPA) here. The location at the university campus attracts many scientists and is situated right next to the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Max Planck Institutes for Informatics and Software Systems.


The state-owned gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation provides comprehensive services for investors. In Saarland, relocation management, economic promotion and the real estate industry act together. gwSaar covers everything under one roof – from classic promotion of economic development, consultancy and the development and sale of industrial estates to the provision of turnkey properties. In addition, gwSaar integrates – on a national and international scale – newly located businesses in a strong, cross-sectoral network, thus providing comprehensive support to them. allows a direct search for available sites and real estate

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