About Hamburg

Hamburg Invest is the one-stop agency for relocation and investment in Hamburg, as well as the main partner of Hamburg’s business sector on all topics relating to business development. As well as offering a wide range of services for small- and medium-sized enterprises in particular, Hamburg Invest is in charge of marketing the city’s commercial and industrial spaces – from land development and advertising to targeting clients and preparing the sales contract. In addition, Hamburg Invest serves as the main port of call for technology- and knowledge-based start-up businesses.

  1. Hub of international trade
  2. Free port of innovative ideas
  3. Strong start-up scene
  4. Magnet for young professionals

Reasons for Hamburg

Hamburg has been a port city and trading centre for more than one thousand years. And following the industrial revolution, this traditional merchants’ town has gradually turned into a major industrial location too. In the course of this period, technology, productivity and research advanced at a rapid pace, laying the foundations for modern-day Hamburg. Today, as digitisation has initiated a new industrial revolution, Hamburg is once again ahead of the game when it comes to leveraging new technological opportunities for the benefit of Hamburg’s residents and for developing new processes and products. With its broad industry base, Hamburg provides a solid foundation for this.

Success Story

Only shortly before entering the German market, the Swiss online shop Galaxus opened its German headquarters in Hamburg. "We have chosen Hamburg mainly for recruitment reasons," says Frank Hasselmann, Managing Director of Galaxus Germany. "The city is tremendously attractive for specialists from the e-commerce and media sectors, and we are seeking to benefit from this." For the time being, the Hamburg office provides 40 workplaces.



Hamburg Invest is the one-stop agency for investments in Hamburg. We serve as the central point of contact for all enterprises seeking to invest, expand, restructure, locate or settle in the Hamburg economic region.


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