About Brandenburg

Brandenburg is the industrial belt and a fast-growing energy region around Berlin, Germany’s capital. Innovative technological developments in renewable energy, electromobility, hydrogen and other sectors are already shaping the economic landscape.

From wind power and solar to hydrogen – the years of experience of numerous innovative SMEs are driving the development together with modern universities and research institutes. Modern test centers are developing hybrid as well as autonomous driving and flying technologies for the mobility of the future.

Leading global players such as BASF, ArcelorMittal and Rolls Royce have found all they’ve needed for years while recent market entrants such as TESLA have also discovered Brandenburg as a home away from home – industry at the highest level.

  1. Innovative, future-oriented energy region
  2. Close to the capital – universities and qualified specialists
  3. Industry-friendly – ready for investment and expansion
  4. Advantageous logistical proximity to Eastern European growth markets

Reasons for Brandenburg

Brandenburg is a driving force behind technological developments for renewable energies, electromobility and hydrogen. Innovative SMEs and global players develop solutions for the batteries of the future, large storage systems and new drivetrains.

Its location near Berlin offers proximity to political decision-makers. Numerous private colleges as well as seven universities yield young, motivated professionals. Industry has always been welcome in Brandenburg. Modern locations with varying infrastructure offer companies extensive development opportunities.

The region is connected to various logistical trans-European routes for trucks, trains and shipping as well as several oversea ports. Large logistics centers, together with BER Airport and inland ports, form important hubs.

Success Story

TESLA is transforming Brandenburg into the energy and automotive region of the future. The company’s contribution to the economic landscape is only the latest chapter in the lengthy economic and industrial history of Brandenburg. The state has been promoting the development of renewable energies as well as innovative technology for wind, hydrogen and solar for years. Brandenburg is now a competence center for these sectors and has numerous SMEs with extensive expertise. This expertise combined its proximity to Berlin as well as the modern, flexible, forward-looking attitude of its residents make it attractive to companies like TESLA.


The Brandenburg Economic Development Agency (WFBB) works closely with companies in the region, understands their needs, and advises and supports them. It also collaborates with companies that want to move into the region. Industry experts and cluster managers offer their expertise, network and advice. Our team of energy experts is happy to show you the way to a more energy-efficient future.

Whether you are looking for a location, learning about funding or recruiting skilled workers, we combine everything under one roof at our offices in Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, as well as our four regional advisory offices.

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